Malcolm X By The Book Reviewer, Manning, Marable

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Why the author used Malcolm X? According the book reviewer, Manning, Marable there is a problem with the title of the book. The man was born Malcolm little, later he had changed his name to Malcolm X and after a few years he had also changed his name to Malik El Shabazz. Many people might have heard Malcolm x in the websites, but they are unfamiliar with his prior name El Hajji Malik El Shabazz. The media used to call by his prior name for a long time. The problem started with the writer of the book, Alex Haley. Alex Haley, wrote and edited the book, Malcolm X did not write or tell his own story. The story can be completely, changed by how the people say or write it. So, since Malcolm X did not tell his own story, it is not basically Autobiography, …show more content…
When he joined with the nation of Islam, he was working with the leader nation of Islam. Malcolm X soon became minister of the temple in the Boston. In 1960 he established national newspaper to expand news about the nation of Islam. After, Malcolm X, observed the leader nation of Islam, Mohammed womanizing and his teaching was violated by Mohammed, he broke with the nation of Islam. At that time, he lost faith in him and then decided to work only on the political issue. When he started to work on the political issue which is civil right activities, A lot of people followed him. Malcolm X was taking challenges, several times, he survived narrowly. Malcolm X had gone to Africa, and other countries without a body guard to expand the activities was going on in America. Although, he felt that he needed protection, he could not have body guards. At the end he was murdered by the nation of Islam. The Malcolm X ’S autobiography book reveals that he was sensible and righteous. The government officers assigned to monitor his phones, but they found out nothing. The law enforcement agencies were not working against him. Malcolm X’s philosophy changed the black generation and it was charming. Malcolm X through his life does not afraid of challenges for what he believed. He was the influential leader to generation of blacks. They admired for his force, brilliance and courage. Generally he was a man of great intellectual incorporating the trickster. He was always inspiring to black people while he is preaching or speaking. Malcolm X is in the memory of black generations

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