Book Review : Fist, Stick, Knife And Gun Essay

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Book review of Fist, Stick, Knife and Gun
Fist, Stick, Knife and Gun is a firsthand account of a boy growing up in poverty and low income neighborhoods. The author Geoffrey Canada, explains in detail the progression of how kids go from innocent children to gun toting criminals, becoming members of what is now the “hand gun generation” (Canada, 1995). He answers the question, how can a 13 year old be callous enough to take another’s life, where and what went wrong in the lives of these children? His purpose in writing this book is to educate the outside world on what it means to grow up in the “hood”, and gives a firsthand account of actions, thoughts and cultural beliefs that are hard to understand or interpret without experiencing them firsthand. Bringing to light the perspective of what is affecting an entire generation of children “growing up in conditions of war, war on children, war on adolescents, war on adults, war never-ending” and entire wasted generation with no hope for themselves or their future (Canada, 1995).
Canada’s account and recollections of his life experiences in inner city neighborhoods all reach the four main theories regarding juvenile delinquency. First, is the described strain theory that encompasses failure, poverty and respect. The strain and struggle is not hard to find within the inner city, Canada recounts his mother working receiving assistance and still not able to support four boys. Poverty forced his family to move deeper in the unsafe…

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