Essay on Book Review : Crank By Ellen Hopkins

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Book Review: Crank by Ellen Hopkins
I read Crank by Ellen Hopkins, which is a novel about love and addiction, and going to great lengths to feed the needs of the two. The novel is loosely based on Hopkins ' former meth addict daughter, who is portrayed in the novel as Kristina Georgia Snow.The story starts with Kristina being a shy, smart 15-year-old goody-two-shoes from Reno. However, by the end of the story, she becomes Bree; a rebellious, drug addicted version of herself who’s spiraling down towards rock bottom at an increasingly fast rate. At the beginning, Kristina is living with her caring family in Reno. Her life drastically changes when she goes to visit her drug addict father in Albuquerque and falls in love with a boy with an alter ego himself: Adam (Buddy). She also has her first taste of the monster (crystal meth), on this trip. Through all of these things, her life is flipped completely upside-down. In the 3 weeks that she spent in Albuquerque, Kristina becomes Bree, and her life is changed forever.
Like Hopkins’ other novels, Crank is written in free verse. Every page is a different poem, describing the life of Kristina and detailing her downward spiral. One style poem Hopkins sometimes uses is separating the poem so that important or key words appear to the side of the poem, creating a sentence, making the story much more impactful, and the writing much more creative. For example, in the poem called "To Speed or Not to Speed?” the words that are separated…

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