Essay about Book Review : 7 Tipping Points That Changed The World

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Book Review: 7 Tipping Points that Changed the World Brothers, Chris and Ted Stewart, are some of the few people who are entirely qualified to write a book that encompasses so many major, life altering moments of history. Although neither man has a deep historical background, both men have rich political histories. They both served in political offices which has given them a deep understanding of the power of democracy. Their personal connection to the American government has blessed them with a different perspective than most. They have first hand experiences of the incredible freedom that American democracy has given its citizens. Their book explores the historical moments that lead up to the creation of our great governmental system. Their previous book 7 Miracles that Saved America also proves their credibility. Through that publication, the Stewart brothers showed their ability to create an logical and persuasive argument from historical information they gathered. Overall, Chris and Ted Stewart demonstrate a deep understanding of the topics they discuss are very credible sources. In this book, the two authors argue that American democracy could have never been created without seven impactful events that occurred throughout history. They use their “seven tipping points” to prove their assertion. First, the authors describe the Assyrians failure to destroy Jerusalem. This decision to leave the Jewish city alone, rather than attack it was extremely uncharacteristic of…

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