Book Report On The Books ' Amazon ' Essay

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192,990. That is how many books Amazon brings up when asked for a book on parenting. As cliché as it is, parents-to-be often fear the unknown territory that they are stepping into when they are having a child. Expecting parents around the world are in a panicked 9 month search for the tell-all instruction book with all the answers before they are put to the real life test. While worrying about whether or not their instinctive parenting skills will kick in, and whether or not they even have instinctive parenting skills at all, awaiting parents work themselves up into a frenzy of anxiety and questions, all of which have no one right or wrong answer. In the thousands of questions that cross a parent-to-be’s mind, there is one encompassing common theme that can be found: what guidelines, if any, does one follow and teach their kid to follow? Does a parent choose to take society’s lead and follow the traditional definitions of right and wrong that are universally accepted or does a parent decided to take matters into their own hands and sprinkle in their own ideas about life and create their own lesson plans to teach? The answer is rather simple, yet complex; it is up to the parent and out of the parent’s hands all at the same time. Whether a parent chooses to conform to the standards of society, or have a touch of unconventionality in their lessons, one can be an effective parent. Traditional methods of raising children have become customary because they work well and lead…

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