Book Report On Hunters And Gathers Essay example

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Hunters and Gathers
Before we even had building and massive cities our ancient relatives live in tribes. There was a simple system of living, you hunt as a group and other gathers living supplies and everyone live to survive and no one went hungry. It was a mass group effort to stay alive and be strong. Somewhere down the line we lost that connection to help each other’s out. We have gave up on all bands that hold us and now rely on self-worth. Only a handful of people try to make sure everyone on this earth get a meal. Have we as a society lost all track of being a group as I as check we are all human. The color of our skin shouldn’t matter or a have any weight on our suggestion to help. I believe we should look back and learned from our mistake and try to correct them. We have 100,000 or more people who live on the street and have no help. Only we can help each other out, so enough with the cold shoulder and rude stare at the homeless. Most likely we should stare at that mirror and asked if we can become a unite group of people again so one ever has to go hungry again. The Gift of Nature
Nature is amazing. It is one of the sole reason for human advancements due to rivers, forest, and animal all which help humans established a working society. If we didn’t have these major players and strong understanding of each one our society would of have ended at the caveman stage. The Nile River was the gold mine of rivers that help human reach…

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