Book Report On Hardy 's A Mathematician 's Apology Essay

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Book Report on Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology A Mathematician’s Apology is a book written by G. H. Hardy in 1940. He talked about the beauty of real mathematics and the importance of it from his perspective. Throughout the book, Hardy was expressing his deep love for mathematics, and meanwhile, defending his position as a theoretical researcher. He wanted us to consider the value of mathematics in a pure context rather than in terms of applications in industrial technology or military motivations.
For people who are doing research, they always consider why they are doing it, regardless of its value, and Hardy stated that people have similar logic behind their answers to this. He asserted that the optimal choice is to specialize in whatever one has talent for, instead of doing undistinguished work in other fields. There is limited input in the production of knowledge, namely a shortage of intelligent people in almost every area of human activity. Additionally, the work done by those people will not be accessible to the general public, since its aim is to extend the boundaries of knowledge. It takes a certain amount of prior knowledge and expertise for people to understand, and that’s why Hardy was trying to use simple examples to support his argument. When choosing a career path, people include personal interest, monetary gain, and possibly contribution to the society as their determinants. However, most people will spend considerable intellectual effort with justifying…

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