Essay Book Report : ' Harry Potter '

1510 Words May 7th, 2016 null Page
She has made 325 million in book sales, a near billion in films and yet she has the unnerving ordinariness of saying 'British girls don 't cry ' when people question the content of her 'Harry Potter ' stories. There is nothing relevant or new to what Rowling brings to the vast literacy table; her integrity is on the chopping board ready to be butchered, it happens every year it seems, like an annual event, yet all she says is 'British girls don 't cry '. Rowling systematically is a shrine to her works, as the juggernaut stops I wonder what else this serene lady could offer her adoring audience, perhaps a shrine to her 'Potty World '. Annual opening of 'Potter Wizardry ' museums across the pond, '3D Potter spectacle corporation ', maybe a TV programme called 'Lloyd Webber wants potty ', as Graham Norton goes out to search for the musical potty. Rowling excretes reclusive tendencies, she is thwarted with lawsuits and mini little Potter friends cleaning out her pool with hormonal deficiencies, this could be the price of fame; it usually entertains moroseness and sad effigies of the entities that she claimed to have created.

Now at 42, her failings to keep her enemies at bay could haunt her beyond the next decade, sniffling at the doors of fame wanting a piece of the Potty action, and what a piece of action it is, Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter, walked away with peanuts, 5 Million per movie, now that is a hell of a lot of chips at the tuck shop. Now his voice…

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