The Invisible Man And The Help: Book Analysis

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My Findings: A constant reminder we are a state with the right policies

My Friends, we have gathered here today for the annual Pre-Equality Book Analysis to listen to the reviews of The Invisible Man and The Help, two texts which tell us what it was like before the Equality Revolution. The pre-equality era was plagued by racism, , sexism and unequal rights. It is imperative that we study these texts so we can understand what hardships our ancestors faced long ago to make sure we don’t face such situations today. Such instances would damage our integrity because we are a state of liberty and absolute equality where people are not looked down upon and have the freedom to be themselves. Everyone can assert individuality!

The Invisible Man
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The Help is a movie from 2011 based on Kathryn Stockett’s book. It is about the story of a girl “Skeeter” who returns from college to find that a lot has changed in her community in Jackson, Mississippi. Her friends have become very racist, her maid has been thrown out and there is a lot of injustice.
In a rapidly changing Jackson during the Civil Rights Movement, Skeeter Phelan comes from college and decides to write a book that is illegal by law as it allows blacks to give their viewpoint. She works with two maids to write their perspective of the world around them. This book changes the white people 's’ opinion about the civil rights movement and about how blacks
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The similarities between these two books are that in both novels the African-Americans were always seen as sub-human by whites. Both books talk about how African-Americans were supposed to obey and respect the whites and the African-Americans were not allowed to create an imbalance by protesting. Both books show that the blacks are asserting individuality by refusing to follow unfair laws and defying stereotypes. This shows that realization did hit them that them being invisible in society was not right and they found that they were unique individuals so they had the right to stand up for this. Also in the Help the protagonists manage to somewhat express their views through the book(which was illegal) while in the Invisible Man the narrator cannot talk about his views of equality in front of whites because they get offended( paint factory scene{a symbol}, bachelor’s party etc.). In The Help the unprivileged managed to assert individuality while The Invisible Man showcased the wrongdoings of white society. In conclusion, both texts provide valuable information on the treatment of African-Americans ages ago and will be useful in the years to

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