Boo Radley Locked Up Analysis

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Throughout this journal, one can predict the kids will not meet Boo because he is locked up and they are scared of him. First, they are scared of him in many ways. In addition, the narrator says “But to climb the Radley front steps…something their neighbors never did” (Harper Lee 11). The quotes from the book shows how the neighbors are scared of them by never climb their front steps and say hey to the Radleys and the neighbors might affect the kids. Next, there are rumors about Radleys that had been passed around by people. For example, “Inside the house lived a malevolent phantom…unwilling to discard their initial suspicions” (Harper Lee 11). Consequently, the rumors will make the kids panicky. Last, when Mrs. Radley was running and screaming into the street, Boo were calm when the sheriff …show more content…
With attention to the narrator, Scout says they did not go to church but worshiped at home. For example, “They did not go to church…certainly never joined a missionary circle” (Harper Lee 11). There not many people that worships at home and usually people goes to church for worship, so worships at home can be a evident for he is locked up. Second things to remember, the shutters and doors of the Radley house were closed on Sundays. Second example, “The shutters and doors…closed door meant illness and cold weather only” (Harper Lee 11) and “The door of the Radley…was not been seen again for fifteen years” (Harper Lee 13). A person that had not been seen for fifteen years can only be considered as locked up because no one can stay in a area for fifteen years straight. Important to realize, Boo stab his parent but he did not been charged as a criminal. Final example, “Boo wasn’t crazy, he was…so Boo was locked in the courthouse basement” (Harper 14). The quotes from the book directly says he is locked in the courthouse basement. Ultimately, the kids will not meet Boo because he is locked up and they are scared of

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