Bone Fracture and Child Essay

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Unit 016
Unit managing paediatric illness and injury
Outcome 1

1) Describe the common types of fractures:

The common types of fractures:

A fracture is simply a broken bone. When a bone breaks, the blood vessels, muscles and nerves around the site of the break will also be damaged.

Closed and open fractures:

Fractures can be one of the two main types, closed or open.

Closed fractures:

This is where the skin does not break at the site of the fracture, and is the most common type of fracture

Open fractures:

If an open wound occurs at the site of the fracture that is an open fracture. Sometimes the fractured bone sticks out of the wound. This creates a big risk of infection in the bone.

Young children’s bones
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Many need only routine treatment, but you will need to be aware of some basic precautions to prevent further complications with these delicate areas.

Foreign bodies in the eyes, ears and nose:

Young children with small objects in their nose or ears are common sights in minor injuries units or walk-in centres. Small beads fit into ears and noses very well, and once there, they can become stuck. Attempts to remove them usually have one result; they simply become harder to get out, maybe even impossible to get out and are not completely stuck.

Take the child to the nearest NHS walk-in centre in minor injuries unit. Many children get foreign bodies in their eyes, such as dust, sand or paint. Even a tiny speck can feel very big and irritating. Most of these can be easily removed by following these steps:

• Put on disposable gloves • Sit the child down • Gently pull down the lower eyelid and gently remove any speck with a clean wet handkerchief or piece of gauze swab • If that does not work, pull the upper eyelid over the lower to try to flush out with tears • If the object is still there wash the eye with water by: - Positioning the head over a sink or bowl with the eye open and facing down - Using a clean plastic cup, pour water on the eye from the

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