Essay on Boko Haram - Islamic Education

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Nigeria’s Boko Haram Terrorists A blast, and suddenly everyone is on the ground, people everywhere are screaming and many have severe injuries—shrapnel wounds penetrating skin, burned skin and clothing, and more. Tragically, this horrific scene is not an uncommon one in Nigeria these days. When traumatic attacks such as bombings occur, especially in northern Nigeria, two words come to everyone’s minds: Boko Haram. Boko Haram is an extremely violent Islamist terrorist group who hopes to create a wholly Islamic government and has been trying to do so by perpetrating attacks in Nigeria for the past twelve years.
One factor that led Boko Haram to take such violent measures is that they are aiming for an Islamic state and they greatly disapprove of Western education and ideas. Their name, Boko Haram, literally translates to “western or non-Islamic education is sinful”. They believe males should only receive Islamic education and that females should not receive education at all (Nigeria School Blast in Potiskum). In addition to this, Boko Haram strongly disapproves of a multi-religion government, as they are aiming for a religious state and one of their main goals is to “impose strict Sharia law across Nigeria”. Sharia law is the moral and religious code of Islam, and Boko Haram is aiming for its enforcement, along with the removal of all things Western from Nigerian and Islamic culture. Recently, Boko Haram’s ambitions have expanded to destruction and expulsion of the current…

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