Boeing Essays

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Business Study Report: Boeing

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 3
2. Introduction 4
3. Introduction to the Business and General Business Environment 5
3.1 Major Customers of Boeing 5
3.2 Competitors of Boeing 5
3.3 Business Environment 6
3.4 Market Structure: Oligopoly 7
4. Production Costs and Scale 7
5. Macro Business Environment 9
6. Sustainability Practices of the Business 12
6.1 Sustainability in the Production Process 12
6.2 Sustainability in the Consumption of the Goods 12
7. Conclusion 13
References 15

1. Executive Summary

This report has been developed for Boeing, which is the leading manufacturing company of airplanes, space-crafts and defense systems. The main quest of this report is to explore the business
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It employs diverse workforce from different countries, which constitutes one of the most talented and innovative workforces anywhere. It is divided into two units, namely Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defense, Space, and Security. These units are supported by other subsidiaries of Boeing like Boeing Capital Corporation, Shared Service Group and Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology. These subsidiaries provide financial solutions, support services and technological research and development (Boeing, 2015). The company does business in the global environment and, therefore, inclusion and acceptance are its unique quality. It provides a healthy and supportive environment for people of diversified background, race, culture, and creed. It has also made considerable efforts to safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders like employees, shareholders, and the customers. It provides highly competitive and attractive salary packages to its employees. Boeing is also committed to the environment and has initiated many global campaigns for the protection of the environment and global education. It has also started the campaigns for ex-military men and has trained and recruited them (Boeing, 2015). Since the manufacturing process is quite complex in Boeing, the company has made many efforts to make sure that the employees work in a safe environment. Overall, Boeing is a highly

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