Boeing 707 Essay

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In 2004, Boeing was one of the United States' largest manufacturers, with nearly 160,000 employees and a net income of$I.87 billion. It was the world's largest acrospace company, and, for decades, had dominated the world's commercial
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1 Author interview, May 24, 2005. on embedded IT for flight controls and operations, it
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After about two meetings, there was general concurrence that the new strategy was a key part of Boeing's future success. At that point, Lou
Mancini, vice president of commercial aviation services, appointed Chris Kettering to serve as the program director. In February 2004, the key players were assembled: Mancini, Kettering, and
Scott Carson, who was vice president of the
Connexion by Boeing™ business unit at the time.
, S&P, 2005, p. 24.
The team had broad support among leaders in
Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) as thcy cmbarked on this new strategy, but the biggest challenges still lay ahead.
"It's one thing to come up with the answcrs, and another to actually implement them," Kettcring explained. "Getting e-Enabled operations to work in an organization involves personalities, it involves careers and culture."
The group met often to address the challenge of translating ideas into processes. Carson's main concern was breaking down the silos of communication among the different business units. How could they effectively communicate the important points of the strategy, and then open the forums for dialogue? Mancini's objective was to integrate the strategy into each busincss unit while continuing to run a profitable business.
Kettering was tasked with coordinating the entire effort. How would the new strategy fit into cach business unit? How could the broad, gcneral ideas be

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