Bodybuilding Reflection

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Permanent passion to search for a perfect body has led to the proliferation of specialized accounts in bodybuilding, making it become one of the biggest-page follow-up on all the means of social media platforms. Bodybuilding is a sport that depends on the exterior body shape in the first place and athletes who related to this sport whether they are professional or amateur are very attentive to post their images and videos in social media. Therefore, I will study and observe bodybuilding community through Instagram network because this community’ members are concerned to show themselves visually, which I believe, Instagram is the perfect platform that will give a clear picture about it.
What brought me to community was being a member of it.
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Bodybuilders use the Instagram to communicate the followers who are interested in gaining a muscular body shape. Therefore, there are many accounts that share their different experiences, about the beneficial trying schedules, diets and proteins.
• Ethnographic Observations:
After I observed the bodybuilding’s community in the Instagram platform, I discovered that there are three common factors among different segments of this group that constitute the nature of this community. First, contents (images, videos, tones and hashtags) that participants post to present themselves in this community. Second, types of products that are promoted in the community. Third, ways followers use to interact in the community.
First, the most obvious attitude that bodybuilders do is presenting themselves as bold and inspiring athletes who can be the ideal of other people. For example, in the rare cases bodybuilders will post an image or a video do not display their hard work and without supporting it with a powerful speech in the caption’s part of the image or video that expresses their enthusiasm. The following are three screenshots examples of contents that incorporate the images with the
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Athletes in general tend to use a language that shows competition and bodybuilders use this tone of language; therefore, most of the time, bodybuilders accounts’ owners use a tone that can be characterized as manly, motivational and competitive. Instagramers in bodybuilders community deal with the “caption” smartly because they combine the language with the image, video and hashtag contents seprtly in order to make it more powerful and comes into contact with their

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