Bob Dylan Impact On Music

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Over the span of 50 plus years in the music industry, Bob Dylan’s music has inspired individuals with his unique ability to tell a story with his songs. Each specific song had a message that he wanted to garner the attention for social change within the world. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dylan who had been become “born-again” released several albums together that went away from his music speaking of social change to that of Christian music.
Many critics didn’t understand why he went away from his popular format of making music. According to Leonard (2016), “Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards saw it as an attempt to sell records, calling the proselyting songwriter “the prophet of profit.” (What Ever Happened to Bob Dylan’s
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During the course of his career, he didn’t shy away from making music that was out of everyone’s comfort zone. When he decided to change the format of his music in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it shocked the entire music industry. Leonard writes (2016), “Listening to the new Bob Dylan album is something like being accosted in an airport.” (What Ever Happened to Bob Dylan’s Born-Again Music Fans?, para. 1). Due to his “born-again” status, Dylan tried to reach a new demographic of listeners who would at first glimpse of his previous music would not ever listen …show more content…
If you do something that others may not like you can hurt your brand thus making it harder for marketing agencies to hire the artist to sell a particular product. Bob Dylan, over the course of 50 plus years in the music industry paid no mind to those who were paying him but instead listened to his conscious. Mr. Dylan took a major risk by wondering away from a genre of music that spoke to the people about social injustices around the world to that of singing the praises of Christianity. As stated by Ferrell, Hirt and Ferrell, “Risk is the chance of associated with marketing decision.” (Ferrell, Hirt & Ferrell, 2017). When Mr. Dylan release three religious-themed albums he understood that risk factor that he could possible lose some of fan base. The social aspect of moving into a new genre of music is a huge risk. Mr. Dylan would have to integrate into a different social role he would play in that society. The Christian culture had accepted his newly founded Christianity and now embraced Mr. Dylan’s music. In that short period of time, he has now gathered new followers to his music. Nevertheless, once he quit making Christian albums, some in the Christian society criticized that Mr. Dylan was not a real Christian. Thus the early praise for his radical change is now hatred for not only his music but as individual and

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