Bluebeard By Edna Millay Summary

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The rhyme scheme of the sonnet “Bluebeard” is English with ABAB CDCD EFEF GG, and it divides to three quatrains and one couplet. The sonnet is inspired from the fairy tale with the same title “Bluebeard”. The main character Bluebeard is a wealthy man with his reluctant young wife. When her wife opened the room that Bluebeard forbid her from entering, she saw the dead bodies of his previous wives. When Bluebeard discovered, he attempted to kill his wife. Fortunately, her brothers entered and saved her. However, in the sonnet, the author Edna Millay extract the moral from the fairy tale, and changed the plot and the ending.
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However, she is driven by the curiosity. The narrator says, “You are betrayed”. It represents that there is no more trust between them. In the room, there is nothing that she is expected. The quatrain starts from entering the room to seeing nothing valuable inside shows that Bluebeard is unhappy about his wife’s distrust action.
February 21 Meaning of second (quatrain) In the second quatrain, the narrator said, “no heads of women slain” which refers to the fairy tale “Bluebeard”, because in the fairy tale, Bluebeard’s wife found heads of women that he killed. The narrator described the room as “cobwebbed and comfortless” to emphasize the emptiness of the room which nothing can be found. Her greedy only led to loneliness and disappointment.
February 22 Meaning of third (quatrain) In the third quatrain, the narrator talks about his wife invaded his privacy by opening the door, and he feels disrespected.
February 23 Meaning of the turn (couplet, after the turn in some cases; what has been shifted/revealed). Final thoughts on the meaning of whole sonnet, after completing this

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