Blogging And Social Media Are Challenging Conventional Ideas About News

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Examine the ways in which blogging and social media are challenging conventional ideas about news.
Intro: What are the conventional ideas? Who believes in these ideas? Is there someone who disagrees with the good effects of social media in relation of news spreading? Yes, and they are wrong. Fuck you, John Symes, you could have at least given me some sources of your wrong ideas. In this essay I’m going to talk about why I hate you:
The shift in the relationship between journalists and their audience is the most clear indication of a difference at the root of traditional media (newspapers, television) and online activity. While the former are “inherently linear” (Heinonen 2011, p.36), the internet allows —and pushes towards— interaction.
The public, turned into “users,” is able to interact both with journalists and with each other, creating a web of communication that lets the information be spread faster and broader. Minorities and small communities are then able to discuss what the conventional media does not, creating powerful online activist movements that try to change very real issues.

• Different views, fact checking. Negotiating relationships between the audience and the journalists. Threat to authority: “users do not hesitate to challenge, often stridently, what journalists write.” This pushes journalists to challenge and “question [themselves]” (Allan, S. And Thorsen, E., 2009, page numbers).
What is the public now, then? While it maintains its function as the…

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