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Reflection Although the concepts that we have learned in the class are not very new, reading about them and discussing them in great detail has made me more aware of them. I never realized how elaborate communication can be in topics such as nonverbal communication, listening, and relationships. Because I am a very shy and quiet person, I communicate a lot through these and now have learned the many different ways or meanings to communicate effectively. For nonverbal communication, I was never really aware of its effectiveness through communicating with people on a daily. After reading about different types of nonverbal communication and watching the video that analyzes all the different types, I think a lot more about how I am …show more content…
I also thought it was interesting from the book that we can only remember 35% of what we listen to and the message we take away from it. I often find myself in the obstacles to effective listening. The incomprehensibility of a message smacks me in the face sometimes and I am not really comfortable speaking, so I do not ask questions and sometimes I can overcome it. I also run into a message overload when I am not noting anything down and hope to recall it by the time I have to put it to use. There’s also the lack of effort when I am tired, sleepy, and bored and I tend to not listen effectively when I should be. Reading about the different aspects of listening helps me become aware of the situations I encounter to communicate messages effectively. For relationships, I was reminded how much communication plays a huge role in the success and interaction in relationships. There is the commitment that goes into a relationship but how much investment put into the relationship shows how much a person cares about it. I find it interesting that relationship rules are progressively established as relationships develop and become a natural thing when interacting on a daily. I also find the relationship dialectics interesting because they are the opposing tensions that make or break relationships. I connect them to my past relationships and how much I have communicated with

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