Essay on Blade Runner

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To put in perspective the prodigy that is Blade Runner, you will need to remember that takes only a pure genius to create a film so realistic that it suspends any doubt that a world of uncontrollable robots and a futuristic dystopia could indeed be the future for us all. All that’s left to wonder after watching Blade Runner is; how could a film make me crave a life of blowing robots up and standing in the rain of a rooftop thanking the lucky stars that I survived after my life skimming the barrel of death? The answer comes in that pensive state of thinking that inevitably comes to anyone after watching Blade Runner. Ridley Scott has created a film so remarkable that even with out of control replicatants taking over earth, it still seems …show more content…
He had depicted Rick and the male replicants, particularly Roy, as these people who were to be feared, who would back you up against a wall and force you to admit how much you want them, or who would shove a nail through their hand just to show how tough they are willing to be in order beat death.
Creating a false sense of fear and insecurity by portraying unorthodox representations in sci-fi films is something Ridley seems to master. The whole point of Science Fiction is to create a fear of this ever-growing progress of technology and anything that isn’t familiar to us. “People have always feared being slaves to technology--that someday machines will control our lives, takeover our humanity, and define our reality“(Jerry Harris, 2010). Ridley Scott portrayed this extremely well as he showed us exactly how and why viewers should fear ‘the other’. He grasped a concept that audiences all know and accepted (humans) and suggested that something we are all familiar with may actually be something we should fear (replicants). He turned reality upside down, therefore having the audience on the edge of their seats wondering, ‘Woah! Is that actually real? I hope not’. If there were to be a re-make of Blade Runner, it’s almost guaranteed that these brilliant representations would get lost in the midst of pleasing their newly aimed social

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