Black Women And Women 's Studies And Feminism Essay

1212 Words May 7th, 2015 5 Pages
Out of all groups of people distinguished by race and gender, black women are the most oppressed and face the most discrimination in our white male dominated society. The struggles of which black women face has been present for centuries and has only recently become a more talked about topic in general discussion. Black women have had a long history of oppression and while at least now the subject is being addressed more many women of color face oppression and discrimination, both racist and sexist, everyday. While black women face a great oppression each day in their lives, that oppression can be separated into different types of oppression. There are three types of oppression which are known as triple oppression in Black Women’s Studies and feminism. These three types of oppression are sexism, classism, and racism and are what women of color encounter in their lives. Because women of color are the only social groups which experience all three of these oppressors, it is hard for them to identify with and cooperate with other groups or movements such as feminism and Women’s Studies or Black Studies. In the case of black women and feminism, it is often hard for black women to promote their issues in the field of feminism as it is a predominantly centered around and control by white women(Hull and Smith, pg. 189-190). Therefore, black women have trouble progressing themselves and their ideas through feminism due to the innate racism within the movement(Hull and Smith, pg.…

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