Essay on Black Swan And The Paranoid Schizophrenic Mind

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Black Swan and The Paranoid Schizophrenic Mind Mental health represents a wide range of disorders that tend to have a bad reputation in society. The stigma towards these disorders represents a misguidance and social lack of education regarding the truth behind the problem. The media as well as cinema photography tend to over dramatize and add unrealistic portrayals making the disorder look worse than it really is. In the film Black Swan, a ballerina by the name of Nina falls tragic to a wide range of disorders in order to become the perfect dancer. Black Swan represents the downward spiral into the paranoid schizophrenic mind of a women who is looking for perfection in herself, acceptance from her mother and a way of proving her self worth through her stressful job. The movie represents the fall into schizophrenia but lacks to explain the criteria of the disease and may represent some unrealistic views of a mental health disorder. Black Swan is a story about a girl who is given the opportunity to dance the Black Swan at a prestigious ballet company. While given this opportunity, she is faced with the issue of not being edgy enough to dance the part of the black swan, and is constantly being told to be less stiff and to add sexuality to her dancing (Villarreal, C., 2010). She begins to unravel when a new dancer is introduced and threatens the chances of Nina remaining the lead dancer of the play. The new dancer, Lily, lacks the skills that Nina has but represents the…

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