Essay on Black Panther Party As A Violent Group

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Black Panther Party knew what they wanted. Equal rights like whites. They were young, and they were black. But they couldn’t be ignored. By 19767 The Black Panther Party showed that they were a force to be reckoned with. Their fight for equality for blacks, put these outspoken youth on the map for American politics. The Black Panthers were African Americans fighting for self defence, and trying to stop police brutality. The Black Panther Party practised military self defence tactics (Rhodes, 2007). The Party mainly wanted to stop Police brutality (Rhodes, 2007). Eventually the Black Panther Party developed into a Revolutionary group (Rhodes, 2007). Black Panthers would go to capitals and stand outside yelling “Black power” and Yelling their rights. They would test the police to try and get them to attack them. so people can see what they were talking about (Rhodes, 2007).
To view the Black Panther Party as a violent group was wrong. In areas the Black Panthers created free food programs to feed those who couldn 't afford food (The Black Panthers, 2015). The Black Panthers also created Free medical research health clinics (The Black Panthers, 2015). These clinics provided basic health care for those who couldn’t afford it. The party would also create Youth Bands to give community pride (The Black Panthers, 2015). Huey Newton wrote a book called “To Die For the People” . This book explained that this is exactly what the Black Panther Party wanted to…

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