Black Metropolis, St. Clair Drake And Horace Clayton Essay

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In the book Black Metropolis, St. Clair Drake and Horace Clayton show the lives of African Americans during the Great Depression. In their description, one particular phenomenon catches my attention: The white accept a few black residents in their residential area; however, when the number of black people increase, the white start to move out of the area and eventually the area will become “black neighborhood”. In my opinion, the reaction of the white to the increasing number of African American reveals part of their thoughts about the African American. In fact, during the great depression, most white people are more afraid of the black rather than discriminate them. This fear of the black people comes from the difference in cultural background.
As Drake and Clayton indicate, black people, especially the children, can live harmoniously with the white people if the black are the minority in the community. In fact, these children blend into the white culture so that they are not fearful to the white people. According to Drake and Clayton, an African American woman growing up in the white community states: “My playmates were all white. I used to go to their parties and they would come to mine” (The Black Metropolis, p177). Since the woman adapts the culture for white people, she is not isolated from the white community. However, after the migration, a large group of African Americans arrive. For certain areas, the black people are no longer the minority. Therefore, they do not…

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