African Americans In The Motley Assembly By Mercy Otis Warren

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During the American Revolution, it is not very well recognized that more than just white males contributed to the winning of the war. The time period which the war occurred in is mostly known for the ideas of rich, land owning men and the perspectives of others were not cared for or seen as very important. However, it must be realized that that in society every part is necessary for it to function effectively. Women, African Americans, and Foreigners all had necessary roles during the war that allowed America to win against Britain.
Through out the course of the revolution efforts on the homefront were just as important as actually fighting on the battlefield in the sense of transforming the roles of the minorities. Since most men were away fighting it did
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Women were more understanding in the sense that they were knowledgeable towards the fact that they do not get acknowledged. Abigail Adams had wrote her husband telling him that women are important also and that they could not be ignored forever (Doc A). The foreigners showed a prime example of how one culture was widely unaccepted by the colonists because of the spite they have towards Europe in general. In the play The Motley Assembly by Mercy Otis Warren, she had mentioned how the French had been seen as an awful group of people since the Colonists had immigrated they still had a strongly influenced British view of all other (Doc D). African Americans obviously were not a very cared for part of society since they were seen as quite below everyone else. They were fighting because the idea of freedom was a fight they were willing to give, even a slight chance that they may receive that freedom and become accepted gave so many men the will to fight (Doc F). Although the minorities all had slightly different reasons for why they were involved, they had all wanted the liberty of

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