Black Men And Women 's Slavery Essay

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In Acts of Resistance: Black Men and Women Engage Slavery in Upper Canada, Cooper examines the history of slavery in Upper Canada, particularly enslaved Africans. Cooper’s analysis shines light on the history of slavery that is often forgotten but has led to the abolishment of slavery in Canada. Her analysis centers around slavery based on the notion of gender and race and the story of an enslaved African woman, Chloe Cooley, who resisted to be sold in 1793. Through Cooper’s analysis, it is seen that African men and women found their lives being defined by their race and gender. Whites were superior in Upper Canada. They were characterized as being smart and strong, whereas Blacks were defined and treated as personal processions with very little rights. The White population had full control over everything in society. Slave masters owned slaves, in particular African women. Gender had an influence on slavery in Upper Canada because African women were characterized and treated differently from white women. African women were treated as ‘the other’ and as livestock. They worked on land, produced production, were abused, and forced to perform sexual acts and have children. African slaves were also held legally responsible for crimes they did not commit which implied that enslaved Africans had no legal power or any power for that matter. The author states, that the French and English Laws confirmed that slaves were characterized as property. This implied that slave owners,…

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