Black Men And Public Spaces Essay

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Racism is the belief that one race is fundamentally superior to another, leaving the other race potentially more dangerous, violent, and more likely to be the cause of problems. Despite any real evidence, many believe this is true. Brent Staples, author of “Black Men and Public Spaces” shares some of his own experiences, as being an African American man himself and many of his troubles caused by his race.
Staples, being African American, has been mistaken for a criminal countless times. Many people have before been convinced that he was a “mugger, rapist, or worst” (Staples. 538) He shares stories about scaring a woman that was walking on the street late at night, people hurrying to lock their car doors as they saw him getting closer to the car, and stories about his African American friend that was also mistaken as a murderer. He explains that he can 't blame them, as “young black males are drastically overrepresented among the perpetrators of violence” (Staples. 539) Once he makes this realization, he is surprised. He shocked that many people have the reactions they do towards his being an african american 22 year old man because in the town he grew up in he didn 't have people act that way towards him. He explains how in his hometown there were gangs, street fighting with knives, and even murders that he had to experience. He had to deal with many deaths of his friends and family or them being sent away to prison. He was known as the “good boy” and tried staying out of…

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