Racist Essay: The Means Of Racism In America

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First things first this essay is not for racism. This is not a racist essay and this is not supporting racism. In the world now days there are a lot of people still throwing around the word racist. There still is some few people black and white americans that are racist but this won’t be about the people that are racist. It will be about the people that are using the word racism to their advantage. The definition of racist is a person who believes one particular race is superior to another. The main thing that African Americans are calling racism on is white cops shooting black criminals.
This is not racism in my eyes so with all of the African Americans being killed by police because they are doing illegal things there are people “mostly
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Every race has an image but other races aren’t calling people racist for the images their race has given them. There are some African Americans that have made a new image for themselves and those are the ones that are not calling other people racist because they know if they work hard enough for it then they can get it and not blame other people. This whole racism thing will never end tell African Americans let go of it. African Americans are the only ones that are dragging it out and keep bringing it up. The American society is trying to move on from this whole thing trying to think of everybody being equal because that is the world we live in today everybody has to be equal that is why it is ok for bysexual people to go into different bathrooms and gays are ok to be married …show more content…
Everybody has been moving on except for African Americans. If the Americans society hasn’t moved on yet they why has the first black president. That kinda says something but not to the African American society. It doesn’t really help that he is standing behind them supporting the black lives matter dragging out racism. According to “Its time to call out black racism” Frontpage mag. “The media erupted in outrage over trucks flying Confederate flags passing by a black birthday party but continued praising the racist #BlackLivesMatter movement whose tactics include harassing white people by invading “white spaces” and intimidating people trying to eat lunch.” If anything African AMericans are being more racist than most white people. It doesn’t make since that African Americans are calling other people racist but they are the ones that in reality are the ones being racist. In conclusion there still may be some people that are racist but the African Americans are overreacting and over using the word racist. If people really are racist then that is their own thing it is ok for people to be gay and to change their gender but it isn’t ok for a person to be racist. Once again this essay isn’t for or against racism, if people want to be racist go for it. African Americans can’t call everybody racist just because they do something

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