Black Loyalists And The Civil War Essay

1931 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
While many believed they would receive their freedom by joining the British army, numerous black loyalists were disappointed when they were denied their right of freedom. Why did these black loyalists not receive their end of the bargain? These Black Loyalists were mistreated and disrespected on both fronts. When the British army was in need of troops, they offered to free the slaves if they joined the British army. Countless slaves from American Plantations and other areas risked their lives trying to escape only to end back up in slavery. The thought of what some of these slaves had to do for their freedom is terrifying. They ran the risk of being caught, tortured, and killed. The journey to freedom is not easy and most certainly not short. From escaping, to fighting, to getting sold back into slavery, they black loyalists were never successful by any means. By the end of the war, when the British was close to defeat, it was apparent the black loyalists were about to re-enter the life of slavery. Just like a loyalists, black loyalists were African Americans faithful to the British. However, while loyalists were free, a black loyalist was not. Most black loyalists were enslaved by the Americans and working on plantations. To some degree, many slaves were also fighting for the Americans. At the height of the American Revolution to spark a turning point for the British, John Murry Earl of Dunmore proposed a proclamation in which “all indented Servants, Negroes, or others,…

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