Essay on Black Like Me By John Howard Griffin

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"Black Like Me" written by John Howard Griffin was based on a white man who becomes black. Griffin wanted to know how life was for African Americans in the south. However, he was white and so that he would not be accepted by the Negroes. For that reason, Griffin darkened his skin and lived as a Negro in the southern states in the 1950s. The central theme in the book was the white racism that he faced as an African American. The author told us his experience as a Negro and how he was a victim of the white racism. Also, the author highlighted the theme of how black people are courteous and warm with each other even with a stranger like Griffin. The author told us when he was looking for a place to sleep, a poor Negro offered the floor of his house, so he could rest (107). In this example, the author told us how African Americans were warm with strangers. Finally, Griffin emphasized the theme of some white people were in favor of African Americans and sensitive to the injustices committed to black people, but they never stood up to defend the civil rights of African Americans.
In my opinion the author Griffin could prove his point by answering the central question, “What is it like to experience discrimination based on skin color, something over which one has no control?” (1). He demonstrated how life was for African Americans in the southern states like South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia. He achieved his goal by dying his skin to become a black man,…

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