Black Culture Of Kent County Maryland Essay

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Black Culture in Kent County Maryland:
First Friday at Charles Sumner Post #25

Without the common draw of artifacts with eclectic stories or the experience of stepping back in time, Charles Sumner Post #25 may not seem like much to the avid history buff. However, it teaches an important lesson. To combat our own prejudice and ignorance we must participate in other cultures. By attending cultural events, we as people develop firsthand experiences that we may never have come in contact with if we were to stay within the confines of our own culture. It is through these encounters that we are better able to understand those who differ from us.
While some may argue that they do not feel they should attend the events of other cultures because it is not applicable to them, this perpetuates a cycle of ignorance. Learning about other cultures fosters understanding. In a country riddled by cultural and racial division, conflicts are bound to occur due to misunderstanding. The best way to prevent this is to learn about other cultures. By learning about other cultures, it is easier to comprehend their actions and develop tolerance. When you understand the other side’s perspective it is difficult to justify hatred.
Cultural heritage should never be used as a way to justify oppression. Unfortunately, due to ignorance in America it has been. It is only through educating ourselves on other cultures through participating in them that we can combat prejudice. Had the members of the mob in…

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