Essay on Bitter, The Mouth, By Truong

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In “Bitter in the Mouth,” Truong avoids the traditional love tale focused on an intense affection, rather she has various dynamic relationships which vary due to different circumstances throughout the story. The relationships are all centred around love ranging from romance, heartbreak, family, friendship and ones that seem strained beyond repair. “Bitter in the Mouth” occurs in Boiling Springs, Linda, who has synesthesia, understands that she is different from everybody in her adopted small town and is unsure of her backstory how she ended up there. Seeing that and the states of her respective relationships continuously influence the decisions she makes throughout her life. Truong’s theory of love consists of it being shown in many diverse aspects, physically and emotionally, between the characters which contrasts the traditional sense of it being focused on two individuals that are romantically linked to one another. The first relationship we are introduced to is between Linda and her great-uncle Harper, who she refers to as “my first love” (Truong, 3). This example of familial love that is shared between the two is surprisingly not the same when it comes to her grandmother or mother, DeAnne. Although, Linda loved her father, Thomas, and openly states “I would wish with every bone in my body that my father was still alive…”(Truong, 6), he is involved a short period of her life prior to his untimely passing. Subsequently after Thomas’s passing, Linda “spent every…

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