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* **X^T means not on the exam!!** * System components: * These are NOT CONSTANT! They VARY.
* Data are the facts and figures collected, summarized, analyzed, and interpreted * The data collected in a particular study are referred to as the data set * The elements are the entities on which data are collected * A variable is a characteristic of interest for the elements * The set of measurements collected for a particular element is called an observation * A data set with n elements contains n observations * The total number of data values in a complete data set is the number of elements multiplied by the number of variables. * Ordinal * The data have the
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Weight, height) * If the measures are computed for data from a sample, thy are called sample statistics * Mean * Average of the data values * Sample mean is represented by x bar and the sum of all the data values is divided by n * Population mean is represented by a lowercase Mu and the sum of all the data values is divided by N * Median * Value that is the middle after they are arranged in ascending order
Odd number: number in the middle after ascending order
Even number:

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