Biological Weapons And Chemical Weapons Essay example

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1. The United Nations defines chemical and bacteriological weapons as chemical agents or chemical substances that are either gaseous, liquid or solid and are use due to its toxicity and harmful effects towards animals, plants and humans. Furthermore, bacteriological agents of warfare are living organism, that as well as chemical weapons, are intended to cause disease or death in animals, plants, and humans. The difference is that bacteriological weapons “depend for their effects on their ability to multiply in the person, animal, or plant attacked” (p. 203). The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention prohibited the use of biological weapons, and it was signed by 103 nations. The nations that signed the treaty agreed that the use, development, as well the production of toxic biological agents is never justifiable because these type of weapons do not differentiated between combatants and innocent people. Hence, the prohibition of the weapons is not due to the potential effect on soldiers, but noncombatants. The United States adopted the “first-use” policy, which basically says that it reserved the right to use nuclear weapons first in the case of conflict. The Nuclear Posture Review revised the doctrine for nuclear weapons, and stated, "The fundamental role of U.S. nuclear weapons, which will continue as long as nuclear weapons exist, is to deter nuclear attack on the United States, our allies, and partners."
2. J.B.S Haldane agrees with the use of chemical weapons, and he uses…

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