Biol 513 Final Exam Answers Essay

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BIOL 513 Final Exam Answers
Question 1

We started this class with each student providing a definition of a virus. Nearly 800 pages of text reading and over 900 discussion board posts later, how has your personal definition of a virus evolved? Write a paragraph (150 words or less) providing a comprehensive definition of a virus.
Comment on how your definition has changed from the beginning of the semester.
Question 2
Influenza A (H7N9) is one of a subgroup of
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How about antivirals such oseltamavir or zanamavir? Why or why not.
d) It is speculated that the new H7N9 virus is transmitted to humans directly from birds.
Unlike previous bird flu outbreaks (e.g. H5N1) this virus does not appear to make birds sick. Briefly speculate how this virus could have no apparent effect on birds, but cause such severe disease in humans.
Question 3
Influenza: Fact or Fiction. The book The Great Influenza by John Barry is a compelling story of the 1918 influenza epidemic that killed millions worldwide. Although this is an excellent book, it contains a number of factual errors concerning basic virology. Read the following quotes from the book and explain why these statements are scientifically incorrect or misleading (Max 4 sentences/quote). Quote 1:
Soon the genes of the [influenza] virus spill into the cell, then penetrate to the cell nucleus, insert themselves into the cells genome, displace some of the cells own genes, and begin issuing orders.
Quote 2:
Each antibody carries thousands of receptors on their surface to recognize and bind to different antigens. Quote 3:
But of all parts of the influenza virus that mutate, the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase mutate the fastest.
Quote 4:
Dendritic cells attack bacteria and viruses indiscriminately, engulf them, then process their antigens and present those antigens in effect they chop up an invading

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