Biography Of Robert Jarvik Doesn 't Originally Design The Artificial Heart

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Sometimes in life our greatest failures lead to our greatest success. Such is the case of the artificial heart and it’s inventor. A man who could just quit when his dream of being a physician was crushed instead his work saved more lives as an inventor than as a physician. Robert Jarvik didn’t originally design the artificial heart, but he is most credited for the invention. He was born in Midland Michigan on May 11, 1946. Jarvik started college at New York Syracuse University; he studied architecture and mechanical drawing. Later, Jarvik switched to pre-medicine because his father developed a heart disease. Unfortunately, most medical schools in the United States rejected him causing him to be very discouraged. After that big downfall in his plans, he was more determined than ever to finish medical school and attended University of Bologna in Italy. After all the hard work to be accepted into medical school, he left in 1971 and returned back to New York University to earn a masters degree in occupational biomechanics. After getting his masters degree he received a job at University of Utah working along side William Kolff who had started designing the artificial heart in the 1950’s. Jarvik became his lab assistant and finally earned his medical degree in 1976. Even though he wasn’t the first to design the artificial heart, his design was the first Food and Drug Administration approved (Noon). The artificial heart is defined as “a device that maintains blood…

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