Biodiversity Means The Web Of Life On The Planet With Its Immense Richness

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Chen Mingyuan
English 1
Biodiversity Biodiversity means the web of life on the planet with its immense richness and variability that is dazzling and has interested humans for centuries, if not since times immemorial. Extinction and emergence of some species both relating to flora and fauna is a natural process that has been taking place since the pre-human times within the confines of a normal cycle of life occurring in various ecosystems all over the world. However, rapid industrialization of the recent centuries and development of an extremely wide range of new technologies have interfered with the natural cycle of ecosystem functioning and have become a major threat for biodiversity. During the last two centuries, human beings have been the main reasons of the decreasing biodiversity, as well as of climate change and ecosystem disruption. Thus, anthropogenic causes are responsible both for environmental problems and decreasing biodiversity. Despite the fact that the latter two phenomena are tightly interrelated, they both can have detrimental consequences for the humanity in the future. The matter is that human beings as a species are an integral part of all ecosystems in the world and issues with the diminishing biodiversity will impact them as well. The lack of biodiversity can result in the irreversible destruction of some major ecosystems on the planet, which would in turn threaten well-being and even existence of people in respective regions.…

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