Bill Mckibben 's Eaarth : The Earth Is Becoming A Planet Essay examples

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Bill McKibben’s Eaarth: The earth is becoming a planet not suitable for life. There is a massive change in the world we used to live on. Today our once beautiful earth is suddenly dying, melting, flooding, and burning in ways that we have never seen before. Eaarth is a very unique book because it is telling the truth about what type of world we live on and how human race is currently destroying it. McKibben is an environmental activist with a few environmental organizations such as Step It Up and Among all environmentalists McKibben was the first to warm us about the threats of global warming. Eaarth is a great title for this book because It’s the planet we all call home and it talks about how we are destroying our home. The two-a Eaarth is now our home. Eaarth will inform you about community based issues such as food, water, energy, and the big issue of global warming. Today pollutants are very popular and we live within a community of uninformed and ignorant people. Eaarth is about “Making a life on a tough new planet. Earth is just a thing of the past. We now live on a planet called Eaarth. It is said that earth has died. This may be true but earth offers a few opportunities and solutions to make the world we live on a suitable place for generations to come. The global change is currently unavoidable because it has already begun. We live on a planet where resources are very scarce and we are struggling to keep the world in tact. A very small transformation of…

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