Bilingual Students : The National Language Of This Country Essay

1104 Words Dec 1st, 2015 5 Pages
There are many bilingual students, people, and adults in the United States now and they are growing rapidly but why is it that people are trying to stop this. There are many reasons, from everyone should all assimilate to fit in, to English is the national language of this country. Another reason why this should be is because immigrant children or children from immigrant families that do not speak English. Some say that there are already schools and things of that nature helping but is it enough? Not just the children need the help but also the parents of the students. Curriculum that offers students to become bilingual should be offered to them at a young age in a way that helps them learn the language. People should try to learn a second language or should at least be offered to opportunity to learn another language. When they learn a second language they will be benefitted in many different ways from being able to gain new experiences to being able to exercise their brains in various ways that will benefit them in the future.
Many children that come from other countries or have families that come from other countries. Those children tend to speak their native language and have trouble learning the language of the country they moved to. They need the extra help to learn how speak the language and ESL is what is currently being offered to those students, but sometimes schools do not offer that so they just leave the students to the computer but that just sometimes isn’t…

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