Grace And Mercy Research Paper

The grace and mercy God extended to us has allowed us to live and serve Him along the path towards eternity in heaven. There are times that some may not fully understand why God continues to bless us with opportunities to serve our purpose even though we sin daily. That reason would be because God loves us, and that love is unconditional. Throughout this paper the grace and mercy we have been given will be inter-connected to three parts. Those parts will include theological definition, biblical foundation, and practical application. At the conclusion of this paper the unconditional love that was mentioned will hopefully be apparent.
Theological Definition: Grace
The reliability of the Bible leads Christians to understand the significance of God’s grace. Our text mentions, “The reality of hell should cause all believers to open their mouths to share the invitation of God 's saving grace that is offered to the world. It should motivate those who themselves have
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God’s mercy allows us the opportunity to have an eternity in heaven as opposed to being predestined for hell. Our textbook mentions, “His mercy and forgiveness of sins, and His ultimate plan for all human beings who have ever lived upon the earth. It provides both general and specific direction for our lives so that we will not experience spiritual devastation by making poor choices” (Etzel & Guiterez, p. 38-39, 2012). God could have ended our existence shortly after it started based on the actions of our ancestors. Elmer Towns said the following in Core Christianity, “ The Old Testament prophet Micah called his listeners “to love mercy.” Loving mercy begins with loving the God of Mercy; then moves to loving those who need His mercy” (Towns, p. 115, 2007). The mercy we have been blessed with from God is an encouraging realization. That realization ignites some to grow closer to God by knowing there is no greater

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