Bible Summary Essay

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The Books of the Old Testament

The Pentateuch/ The Torah (5 books)
Genesis - Genesis, which means "beginnings," begins with the creation of the world and man. The first half of the book also covers the early history of man, the story of Noah and the Flood, and the Tower of Babel. The second half of the book is about the Patriarchs of God's chosen people ... from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob. It ends with the story of Joseph and the Israelites moving to Egypt.

Exodus - Enslaved in Egypt for about 400 years, the Israelites call out to God for help. God brings up Moses, who delivers the people out of bondage. The travel to Mt. Sinai, where Moses receives the laws from God. The people make a covenant with Him ... so that He will
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The first half tells the story of King Solomon. The second half tells of the kings of Judah until the fall of Jerusalem and the Exile.

Ezra - The first half of Ezra is about the first remnant returning to the Promised Land under the leadership of Zerubbabel. The second temple is built. The second half of the book is the story of Ezra, the priest, returning to the Promised Land with more Israelites. Ezra brings the Law of God with him; he is known for rebuking the intermarriage of the people with foreigners.

Nehemiah - Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem and leads the people in rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem. With the help of Ezra, they also lead the people in spiritual rebuilding.

Esther - This is the story of a Jewish girl who is chosen as queen of Persia. With the help of her cousin, Mordecai, she helps the Jews to defeat their enemies throughout the land.

Poetry (5 books)
Job - This is the story of a man completely faithful to God. Despite losing his property, family, and good health, he still had faith in God. God eventually restored all he had lost. The book not only tells us to keep the faith, but also that we can't hope to understand everything God does or why He does it.

Psalms - Psalms is a hymn book of 150 sacred songs. Most are believed to have been written by King David. There are several types, including thanksgiving, praise, lament, pleas for deliverance, wisdom, etc.

Proverbs - This book consists

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