Bibl 323 Module 2 Notes Essay

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Module 2

Christ – The Savior


I. Seeker of Truth (3:1–21) A. Nicodemus 1. A Greek name, __common among Jewish people_____. 2. Nick – ___victory______ and demos – ____people_____. 3. He was a ruler of the Sanhedrin, archon, not one of the priests but a Pharisee. He was a LAY leader. 4. Talmud says he was one of the __four richest men_ in Jerusalem and later became a disciple of Jesus. 5. According to Hoskyns, he was a member of the same aristocratic family that had furnished Aristobulus with his ambassador to Pompey in b.c. 63. 6. His son apparently was the man
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5. Who spoke the words? (3:13–21) a) Jesus 1) __Context___. Jesus was explaining the basis of “ye must be born again.” 2) ____Continuation____. No paragraph breaks. Kai “and” 3) ____Revelation_____. No one but Jesus could speak the marvelous words of John 3:16. b) John (arguments from Companion Bible) 1) Changes from __present________ tense to ____past_______ tense. 2) Expression “only begotten Son” used by John, 1:14, 18, 1 John 4:9, not the Lord. 3) Expression “in the name of” v. 18 used by John, not the Lord. 4) The phrase “which is in heaven” v. 13, points back to ascension by John wrote it in 90 a.d. 5) The phrase, “lifted up,” v.14 refers: (1) to death, (2) to the ascension, 8:22, 12:32 6) Paragraph break at v. 13, recognized by most Bibles. 6. Four Sonship titles of Jesus. a) __Human title____, “Son of man” v. 14. b) __Eternal title__, “Only begotten Son,” v. 16. c)

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