Bhagavad Gita What Does Krishna Explain To Arjun?

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Indian literature assignment
Q1) Name the two ancient epics written in Sanskrit and who were their authors? In the Bhagvad Gita what does Krishna explain to Arjun?
A1) The two ancient epics written in Sanskrit are
a) Ramayana
b) Mahabharata
Ramayana is written by Valmiki, and Mahabharata is written by Vyasa.
B) What does Krishna explain to arjuna?
Ans b) Bhagavad Gita
All through the ages, religions have utilized myths or stories to clarify or guide the human experience. For example, the Babylonians had their stories of Marduk, while the Romans went down the heroics of Romulus and Remus. Like these, Hinduism has its own renowned stories. Maybe the most worshipped of these is the Bhagavad Gita, the celebrated story which discloses
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Considered the more useful of the considerable number of ways, it is a way of activity. Keeping in mind the end goal to be unified with the perfect, a Hindu adherent must act sacrificially. At the end of the day, a man ought to make the right decision not on the grounds that they need to be remunerated, but rather just in light of the fact that privilege is correct.

In the account of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is reluctant to murder his family in light of the fact that he doesn't need it to return and nibble him. As such, he's anxious about the outcomes of such an activity. To invalidate his worries, Krishna lets him know it is his obligation to restore peace at any expense. On the off chance that he must execute to do it, then so be it. Having request restored is more note worthy’s benefit and, hence, more essential than trepidation of the outcomes or any expectation of prize.

In spite of the fact that this appears to conflict with our cutting edge utilization of "karma," this carrying on of obligation without respect to outcome, will put somebody securely on of the way of Karma yoga, the Path of

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