Bernie Sanders 's Speech At The National Nurses United Endorsement

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Bernie Sanders gave a speech at the National Nurses United Endorsement in Oakland, California on August 10th, 2015. During his speech he engages his audience by using pathos which is talking to the audience by making it feel personal and caring. By this making his speech rhetorically effective due to the excellent use of pathos throughout the speech and effective overall because the use of logos which was developed in a great way which led to an excellent sense of ethos.
Bernie used pathos in his speech effectively. For example, during his speech he said, “I marched with you in Oakland to make sure that every nurse in America has the training, the equipment, and the protective gear that they need to stay healthy (Sanders, B. 2015 p.7)”. Bernie is trying to get on a personal level with the audience and have them engaged in what he is saying. By this he means that nurses across America should have access to the equipment and gear to stay healthy. Bernie uses pathos to make his audience feel like he was talking to them personally.
Bernie speaks out to his audience and allows them to feel as if he is talking to them personally at an easier and clearer speaking level. When anyone who has a higher learning/speaking level tend to gear their speeches/ talks so the common person can understand what they are saying. “ All of you here today- nurses who see people at their sickest, at their most vulnerable- understand better than anyone the extent of the tragedy that exists in this…

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