Bernie Madoff 's The Great Gatsby Essay

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Could you imagine stealing billions of dollars? Well, for Bernard Madoff this was no imagination. Bernie was an exceedingly admired stockbroker on wall street hence, no one questioned his doings. Being that he was of such high authority and acting nonchalant his scheme lasted numerous years. Bernie Madoff grew up in an unpredictable household with his parents. Bernie 's parents had a large role on his life and this is the reasoning behind why he did much of what he did. His parents were not the most truthful of people. (Oppenheimer pg. 1) When Bernie first began investing he started off with smaller businesses just to get an understanding of how the industry worked. He also began investing in smaller business with the hope that the business would become more well known. Leading up to the age of twenty two Bernie had been saving his work money to make his own investment firm. This was smart on his behalf because most individuals at that young of an age would have a difficult time setting money limitations and not spending it. When he felt like he had saved enough money he begin to move onto his next goal. This was the launch of Bernard Madoff 's career. His new investment firm was becoming a huge success. Around the 1989 Bernie 's investments had over 5% trading. (Henriques pg. 1)
Being that Bernie was such a brilliant businessman he got away in doing a variety of different acts. In contrast, the only thing that seemed suspicious was, like all stocks they always go up and…

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