Berlusconi's Leadership Theory

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Leadership can be defined as the art of guiding a group towards attaining a common goal. Many leadership skills have been developed to try and explain why certain people have turned into leaders. These theories try to identify the characteristics of people assuming leadership roles and try to find out they can improve their leadership skills. Some theories suggest that leaders are born with leadership traits while others suggest that experience gained can help in making great leaders. Other theories claim that leadership is affected by the situation a leader work in. This is the reason why there are leadership theories that endeavor to explain these disparities.
One of these theories is the situational theory of leadership. This theory argues
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However not many leaders with such a high profile end up without any scandals catching up with them. Attention has on many occasions been shifted to him through sexual and financial scandals he has been involved in, not forgetting provocative statements. However some may view such things as stunts to capture the public eye so as to remain popular. Many leaders are being faced with scandals some of which may not be true but rather being framed by their rivals. They may work for or against you. His scandals can be said to fit into a context of satisfaction and strengthen identification with the voting population. Using such ideologies, crisis was turned into opportunities which helped him achieve a great approval rating in …show more content…
For a leader to be successful they have to show the urge to fight and struggle and handle each situation differently. To stay in the political scene for such a long time like Berlusconi did, may require a lot of dedication and the willingness to serve. Flexible leadership is the best mode because each day is full of different challenges. Situational leadership helps in equipping a person the necessary skills to control the growing diversity among the workforce. It prepares the leader to look into the most pressing issues in todays’ environment. And also a leader has to sometimes apply a harsh rule or some sought of soft dictatorship if the ideas being pushed for are sometimes receiving some opposition. In his leadership, Berlusconi may be considered to have at certain points applied some harsh rule but this did not ruin his political career. However there has to be

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