Berlin 's End Of World War II Essay

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By 1961, Berlin had long been a symbol of autonomy and endurance to Communist expansionism during the Cold War. The beginning stages of the Berlin crisis began in 1945, which marked the end of World War Two. Amid the ruins of Germany, the country was divided into four administrative sectors, one for each of the three victorious combatants, the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain, and by special dispensation the French. Berlin, as a capital city, was divided similarly into four subdivisions. As a result of being situated entirely within the Soviet Sector, Berlin provided an ongoing inferno in the developing enmity between the Soviet Union and the West. However, by 1948, tensions began to develop as the Western Allies united their occupation zones into a single autonomous entity – the Federal Republic of Germany. In response to this, the USSR launched a land blockade, descending an “Iron Curtain” over West Berlin in an attempt to force them out of the city. However, General Clay, the American commander in Berlin, exclaimed that, “[if] Berlin [were to] fall, Western Germany [would] be next.” As a result, in 1948, the Berlin Airlift was organised to ensure that 2.5 million tons of essential supplies would reach the people in West Berlin daily. Moreover, the crises convinced the Western powers to seek out military cooperation, and by April 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was founded, signifying that the United States would no longer remain stagnant.…

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