Beowulf Vs. Miriam 's ' Beowulf ' Essay

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Beowulf vs. Miriam
In a study of 4,000 adults, 55% helped others in an emergency, 8% stopped an injustice, and 5% sacrificed their life for a stranger (National Geographic). This proves anyone can be a hero, but one aspect of a hero is always shown; a hero is someone who puts the well being of others above their own. Although there are heroes in everyday life, they are also found in stories that are exaggerated over the years, such as Beowulf, or in modern stories like A Thousand Splendid Suns, in which they are portrayed more realistically. In many cases, the hero follows a certain model of behavior that characterizes the type of hero they will remain throughout their story. They show bravery, selflessness, and leadership. Both Beowulf, from the epic poem Beowulf, and Mariam, a main character in A Thousand Splendid Suns, share the same moral value of fighting for their beliefs without giving up, but differ in motive and character; Beowulf wants to prove himself to his people whereas Mariam is genuinely looking out for the ones she loves.
Beowulf and Mariam follow universal patterns although they are from different cultures and time periods. Beowulf is seen as god-like by his people, much like the Greek King Odysseus. Both show their bravery in a battle. Beowulf is stoic, courageous, and unstoppable all characteristics of a warrior. Meanwhile, Mariam is seen as proto-feminist and a scapegoat. Her character relates to Jesus, suffering for the ones she cares about. She does…

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