Beowulf As A True Hero Essay

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The poet who wrote Beowulf praised heroes, calling all those who read these stories to live a life of bravery, justice, and sacrifice. However, he did not give any false hope to how the story would end, for not all stories have a happy ending. Many fell at the feet of evil, but not without a fight. In most cases we cannot cheat death, but Beowulf shows us how to exceed the human conditions and boundaries. He faced the idea of death three times and although in his final battle he saw the grim reaper, he showed us what is was to be a true hero. This is by willingly going to battle with our own worst fears and enemies if it means bringing justice and hope to those around us.
In the novel Grendel, descendent of Cain represents a living, walking and breathing evil. He is described as living "in a hell not hell but earth. Grendel is a wicked and nefarious creature. He is half human, half beast, a lonely creature, cruel and man-eating. Beowulf must fight Grendel, and he does not fear the fight because he is confident. Evil is everywhere, stalking men, "invisibly following them from the edge of the marsh, always there, unseen" (161-162). This hunger for blood that runs through Grendel’s veins is unable to be satisfied, and for Grendel "no crime could ever be enough" (136). As the embodiment of good, Beowulf is the hero that must bring his people to justice and defeat this monster. Though Grendel was the source of his own destruction because this monster pulled away from…

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