Beowulf And Achilles Comparison

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Do you fight for glory and to protect others or do you fight for yourself and for vengeance? Epic heroes, Beowulf and Achilles, are such people that fight for these principles/ ideals. Many people know about Beowulf and Achilles and their epic stories, but many people do not know how different they are. Beowulf fights for others and for glory, while Achilles fights for vengeance.
Beowulf is an epic hero that many people know as the strongest man in the world, but many don’t know why he fights. Beowulf is an Anglo Saxon warrior who fights to protect others and for the thrill of the hunt. He had faced many treacherous monsters despite the fact that those monsters had killed countless men, one such monster was known as Grendel, who had been terrorizing a group of people known as the Danes therefore Beowulf went in search for Grendel. His fight against Grendel wasn’t an easy fight, but when Grendel saw Beowulf he tried to make a run for it because he knew that Beowulf was a mighty warrior, but when Grendel tried to run away he got caught on the door and Beowulf took advantage of that and slammed the door against the monster's’ arm until it finally popped off and the monster later bled out on its way to its lair. The Danes had taken Grendel’s arm and hung it
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When Beowulf says “ Seek fame still” (609), it proves that even after 50 years he still wants to be famous and show some selfish qualities, Achilles is the same, his best friend dies and he goes on war driven hunt for Hector and when they meet he says “ Hector, I’ll have no talk of pacts with you, forever unforgiven as you are.” (87-88 Homer), by saying this he is showing that even a mighty warrior can be selfish at

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